PAISBOA Health Benefit Trust


The PAISBOA Health Benefit Trust is solely dedicated to providing PAISBOA (Philadelphia Area Independent School Business Officers Association) members with high quality health plans at affordable rates. It brings true power in numbers to provide the following benefits:

  • Protection from volatility due to pooling of claims and premium contributions.
  • Rate stability and proven better-than-market trends.
  • A broad selection of plans.


Mission Statement

The PAISBOA Health Benefit Trust provides, to eligible PAISBOA member schools, quality health benefit plans that deliver long-term value and stability for the Trust and its enrolled participants.  

Our Vision

The PAIBOA Health Benefit Trust is committed to providing benefit programs that promote improved health and well-being for all current members as well as future generations, and to extend these programs in a fiscally responsible manner through growth in membership. 


PAISBOA members banded together in 1968 to leverage their collective buying power for health insurance. Over the subsequent years, PAISBOA’s health insurance program evolved, and in 2013 the PAISBOA Health Benefit Trust was created in order to sponsor and administer the self-funded PAISBOA Health Benefit Plan for the exclusive benefit of its members. The Trust is a multiple employer welfare arrangement (MEWA), designed to be a bona fide association or group of employers under ERISA, and is regulated by a single employer welfare benefit plan on a large group basis. Governed directly by an independent board of trustees elected by its member schools, the Trust is a Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA), a tax-exempt entity. The Trust has a current membership of more than 130 independent schools, covering approximately 15,000 lives.



To Join:  For More Information Contact:
A school must be a current member in good standing of PAISBOA Guy Gilpin, Executive Director PAISBOA HBT
A separate PAISBOA HBT member application and approval is required [email protected]