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Offering Smart Solutions to PA Independent Schools, Colleges, and Universities

When it comes to employee benefits, the bigger you are the better. But what if small is what makes you special? That’s the dilemma faced by many of Pennsylvania’s independent schools. And that’s the challenge we help you solve at PAISBOA Health Benefit Trust. As a fully independent self-funded entity, our sole focus is to provide our members with high-quality health plans at affordable rates. As a member of PAISBOA, and a part of the Trust, Pennsylvania independent schools can enjoy savings, stability, and innovative programs through scale and collaboration. The financial health of the Trust is a testament to our members’ support and loyalty for more than 30 years!

Member Advantages

Member schools and their employees enjoy:

  • A broad selection of plans that provide medical, pharmacy, dental, and vision benefits.
  • Competitive rates with a history of lower-than-market renewals.
  • Advantages of scale such as protection from rate and claims volatility.
  • A sophisticated, user-friendly benefit administration platform for online benefit shopping, enrollment, billing, compliance, and COBRA management.
  • Innovative wellness programs.
  • Telemedicine for medical and mental health services.
  • Dedicated customer support.
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Power of the Flock

By traveling in a V-formation toward a common destination, a flock of geese can fly longer and go farther than any one goose flying alone. Each member of the flock creates uplift for the goose behind it, enabling all the members to fly more efficiently and to achieve their shared goal.

When you join the Trust, you gain the financial strength and negotiating power of our “flock.” By pooling claims and contributions, our 150+ member schools enjoy exceptional innovation, savings, and stability. The Trust currently covers 11,000 employees—and more than 22,000 lives when you include dependents!  If you haven’t looked beyond traditional insurance plans, you might be missing out on your best option. Give your employees the same advantages that the big self-funded employers do!

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